At Symmetry we offer Pilates classes for every body! Choose from a variety of 10+ class types including Pilates & Yoga. All of our sessions are 50-60 min and require grip socks.



Enjoy a free 30-minute Reformer Pilates session to get familiar with the equipment and learn the basics. Feel the burn with just one session! Our expert instructors will assist you in finding the best membership option for you (Group and Private sessions available). All fitness levels welcome
*Required prior to taking any classes at Symmetry Pilates.

Click here to sign up – Grip socks required. Get your first pair for 20% off  at your intro!


Develop a strong foundation of Pilates and create a mind to muscle connection. In this class, you will learn to work through correct movement patterns using the key Principles of Pilates. Re-align your spine, connect to your core and build strength. Expect a full body workout with abdominal work in almost every exercise. Ideal for new clients and clients needing modifications + increased rest times.
A minimum of 5-10 foundations classes recommended prior to moving on to other class types. 

50 min, Appropriate for all client types. Beginner paced instruction. 


Find your flow with a mix of classical and modern Pilates exercises. This class guides you through a balanced session toning the glutes, sculpting the arms, and firing up the core. Learn to connect movements together with precision, harmony and control.
Never get bored! We add variety every session to keep your body guessing.
Ideal for clients with Pilates experience and are familiar with the Reformer.

50 min, All levels welcome. Foundations recommended prior to Flow – Faster paced instruction. 


Tower is a piece of Pilates equipment that ensures proper stabilization while adding spring resistance. Gain lean muscle, flexibility and deep abdominal engagement through the workout. This class is a fun and effective way to target different muscles and challenge your body in new ways! Ideal for clients with some Pilates experience.
Not suitable for Pregnant clients after 12 weeks.

50 min, All levels welcome. Moderate paced instruction.


Mix it up with a class designed to use a variety of equipment including the reformer, tower, chair, jumpboard and more. Get a killer full body workout targeting all the muscles that are needing some love. We promise you’ll leave feeling longer and stronger!
Ideal for clients with some Pilates experience. Not ideal for beginners or pregnant clients after 12 weeks. May be taught in a circuit style class and can include the jump board.

50 min, All levels welcome. Fast Paced class.


Re-center your body with light movements and deep stretching  using the Reformer. Create a mind body connection by flowing through stretching exercises and focusing on deep breathing. Hands-on assistance and support will help you stretch muscles and lengthen your body. Use foam rollers (for Facial release), Trigger point balls (for those extra tight spots), and Chirp wheels (for upper back release and spine work).

60 min, All levels welcome. Slow paced instruction – 60 min *Popular!

Booty burn

If you love working legs and booty… this class is for you. Tone your glutes from all directions. Use a variety of equipment and get your full body fired up. The Bosu is a tool we use to incorporate balance and stability which fires up your lower half like no other. Mix it with your reformer work and BOOM you’ll be sore the next day.

50 min, All levels welcome moderate to fast paced instruction.


2 things we can all use more of – Balance and stability. Develop a deep connection to your center and learn proper muscle engagement. Practice on lighter springs to get your lower abdominal muscles to fire. Incorporate breath with movement to get optimal results. This class utilizes a variety of equipment to put your mind and muscles to the test. Leave your session feeling balanced and empowered to take on your day.

Not ideal for pregnant clients after 12 weeks.

50 min, All levels welcome. Beginner-Intermediate paced instruction.


Get your heart rate up with our fast-paced (yet low impact) cardio session. This class involves lying down on the reformer with a cushioned landing pad in place of the foot bar. The jumpboard is a great way to target abs, glutes, and legs. Expect a high intensity workout that will keep you energized from start to finish!

 Not ideal for beginners, clients with knee replacements, back injuries or pregnant clients after 12 weeks. 

50 min, all levels welcome. Fast paced instruction.


It’s just you and your mat! Sculpt and tone with our full body mat workout. Deepen your Pilates practice by learning the full repitore designed by Jospeh Pilates. Increase the burn by utilizing the mini ball, hand weights, and Magic Circle. Add mat pilates to your routine and watch your technique and skill skyrocket!

50 min, All levels welcome. Not suitable for clients who cannot do floor work or preganant clients after 12 weeks. Mats and props provided.


Release tight muscles and restore balance to the mind and body. Yin is the perfect balance to intense exercise. This yoga practice provides a slower, more meditative counterpart to round out your workout routine. Yin is a passive floor yoga that involves holding gentle stretching poses for longer (3-5 min). Surrender to relaxation with seated and supine poses held with no muscular engagement using props for support.

55 min, All levels welcome. Mats and props provided.


Piltates socks keep you safe and sturdy on the reformer. Choose from tons of different styles in the studio. Get 20% off grip socks at your intro class.