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*Required for all new students before entering any classes at Symmetry. (See classes tab for more info)

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Drop in Classes

Equipment Pilates $30 | Mat Pilates & Yoga $12


Class Types

Choose from 10+ class types including Pilates and Yoga. We have options for everyone regardless of age, injury or fitness level. (See classes tab for class details)

Group classes and Private training

Group classes: Get more attention with our small group classes from 5-8 people. Each class is design specifically with you in mind!

Private and Semi-Private packages available for one on one instruction. Ideal for clients with specific injuries/ limitations needing extra assistance and increased rest times. Ideal for Clients looking to level up and practice exercises specific to their goals. Join our free intro class to get started! *Contact us to book a private intro for clients with major limitations.


Beginner: Little to no Pilates experience and for clients with specific injuries / limitations. (Slow-moderate pace)

Develop a strong foundation + Build strength for optimal results.

Learn the key principles of Pilates such as breath, balance, muscle engagement and control.

Understand the exercises and how to use the equipment.

Build core strength effectivly to support the spine and reduce pain.

✨Classs recommendations: Reformer Foundations or Candlelight stretch.


Beginner- Intermediate: Some Pilates experience  (Moderate pace instruction)

Can recall fundamental Pilates exercises by name and are familiar with the muscles used in the movement.

Understands effective abdominal recruitment. Can change positions easily with verbal cues.

Feels comfortable moving in many spinal positions such as flexion, extension, lateral movements and rotation.

Needs some demonstrations but can follow along at a faster pace.

✨Class recommendations: Any beginner or All levels classes such as Reformer Foundations, Reformer Flow, Mixed equipment, Control + Balance  and Tower.

Intermediate: A few years of Pilates experience (Fast paced Instruction) *Instructor approval req.

Has mastered a wide range of fundamental and intermediate exercises with little to no modifications.

Can work through many ranges of motion while practicing complex exercises and can recall most exercises by name.

Has developed strength in all muscle groups and can recruit specific muscles with verbal cues.

Has good balance and can work safely while kneeling/standing with no assistance.

✨Class recommendations: All levels or Intermediate classes such as Reformer Flow, Cardio Jump, Mixed Equipment, Bosu booty Burn and Reformer/Tower Mix. *Instructor approval req.

Advanced: Minimum 2+ Years of Pilates experience (Fast paced instruction) *Instructor approval req.

Needs no modifications and can make appropriate spring changes if necessary. 

Client has mastered Beginner/ Intermediate Pilates exercises and can activate specific muscles on cue with no tactile instruction and no demonstration.

 Ability to flow through each exercise with precision, control and efficiency.

 Maintains solid balance and stability throughout the entire session and is comfortable in inversions, complex exercises and compound movements.

✨Class recommendations: Advanced Tower, Reformer Flow, Bosu booty burn, mixed equipment & Reformer/Tower mix. *Instructor approval req.

*All classes are by appointment only, no walk ins. Booking closes 1 hour before the class begins. Appointments can also be made on the MIND BODY APP.

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